It has come to the attention of CEB International Investment Corporation Limited (“CEB International”) that individuals falsely purporting to be CEB International staff are using fraudulent WeChat groups, fraudulent mobile applications, and other means to induce unauthorized information and investment from the public. This behavior negatively affected our company's legal rights and interests such as trademark rights, reputation rights, and caused adverse social effects. Our company hereby solemnly declares that our company has never authorized or agreed to engage in the above-mentioned acts against any individual in any form.
At present, our company has adopted relevant legal measures, and at the same time, we ask the general public to be vigilant to avoid being deceived. Once such situations are discovered, please notify the local authorities immediately.
If you have any other inquiries, please contact our company.
Contact number: +852 29169670.
Contact email: [email protected]
Hereby declare. CEB International Investment Corporation Limited April 21st 2021